14 tips to beat the heat and save money

14 tips to beat the heat and save money

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Did you know, on average, Territorians use more electricity than the rest of Australia? Our climate is the main reason why.

The extreme weather in the Top End means we use more energy in our homes to stay cool in the hotter months.

We’re not just talking about overusing our aircons – appliances like your fridge need to work harder to stay cool in the heat too.

Here are some easy ways to keep cool and reduce your bill:

  • Set your aircon temperature between 24°c to 27°c and try to keep it there. Each degree under that uses 10% more energy.
  • Keep an eye on your ceiling fans – make sure they are clean and dust-free.
  • Clean your aircon filters regularly. It’s good for your aircon, improves air quality and reduces your energy use.
  • Run your aircon on a timer to keep the running time down.
  • Shade your home with plants, trees and shade cloths.
  • If a room isn’t in use, close the door. The less work your aircon needs to do, the less electricity it will use.
  • Look for the stars when buying a new aircon – opt for one with at least a 4.5-star energy rating. You can compare models before you buy.

  • Set the temperature right – your fridge needs to be between 3°C and 5°C, and the freezer between -15°C and -18°C.
  • Outdoor fridges are great for keeping drinks cool and close by -  but place your fridge away from the sun to avoid them having to work overtime and if you find you don’t use it all time, consider if you really need it.
  • Leave some space around the back of your fridge or freezer to allow air to circulate around the motor.
  • How good is your fridge seal? Take the test: place a piece of paper between the fridge and the fridge door. If the seals don't hold the paper in place when the fridge’s door is shut, then it probably needs replacing.

  • Talk to your local pool shop to find out your best pool pump running time – reducing this time can save you up to $350 a year.

  • Test the water and keep it clean. Having the right chemical balance will mean your pump won't need to work as hard.

  • Clean the skimmer box and filters regularly to save your pool pump using extra energy.

Check your usage
Small changes in and around the home can make a big difference to your energy savings. You can monitor your energy usage online using MyAccount.