Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

We are excited to be part of the Northern Territory's first Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

The Solar Connect VPP trial has been designed by the Alice Springs Future Grid partners, which include the Arid Lands Environment Centre, Jacana Energy, Power and Water Corporation, Ekistica, and Desert Knowledge Australia (DKA). At Jacana Energy, our role is to support our customers to enrol in the trial, deliver benefits through innovative electricity tariffs, and assist participants throughout the VPP journey.  

What's a VPP?


In tech-terms, a VPP is a cloud-based network of distributed energy resources, working together as a single power plant. Or in other words, a collection of components that work together to generate and supply electricity. In line with the Territory’s push to achieve 50% renewables by 2030, our Virtual Power Plant has three parts.


A solar system
A home battery
The grid

The solar system harvests cleaner energy from the sun to power a home and charge a battery. When the sun goes down, the battery can be used to power the house or the grid can use it if needed.



Want to join the trial?
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